Kink Stereo

Zaterdag 25 juni 2016

Auw Kloete Zouperhelden Terror VIP
Kink Stereo

Vanuit Le Belgique mogen we wederom onze festival  - connectie - kunstenaar - muziek - vriend ontvangen. 

Zijn eigen festival was afgelopen jaar wederom een daverend succes, het motto van Art Tunes is: Muziek, creativiteit en experiment smelten samen tot een verrassend geheel op een unieke locatie. Wij zien de brug wel met ScenesConnected!

Wat hij over zich zelf zegt?

Kink Stereo gives me the freedom to realize art & music depending on my feeling. It gives the freedom to do it alone or in collaboration with others. 
The purpose of the art is not to display the appearance of things, but the inner self.

Kink Stereo currently lives in Peer (literally means Pear!) which is a nice and quiet village in Belgium. He started out in 1995, working his way into the nightlife as a DJ. He also took on producing his own music in 2009. The first track has released on Just Play Records (UK) in 2013. Music isn’t merely his job, it’s a way of life.

The sound of Kink Stereo is organic, mechanic, deep and varied. The grooves in his productions are a logical consequence of his training as a percussionist. His unique style is influenced by various styles of music, such as Deephouse, Techhouse, Breakbeats, Drum & Bass and everything in between. Kink Stereo cannot be pinned down to one specific genre. The eclectic nature of his music reflects his dynamic lifestyle completely.

Though he has only recently assumed the title of Kink Stereo, this is not his first rodeo. He’s worked in various DJ duos, such as Digital Clones and Magnetic Fields, headlining several underground parties and festival areas. He was dishing out radio shows in Belgium and the Netherlands before turning his attention to more international projects.

He also organized the Arttunes festival since 2009. In his precious spare time Kink Stereo keeps busy with metal sculpting and pyrokinetic street art.